Monday, August 6, 2012

9- Hunka Hunka Burning Grapple Roll

Dane: [GM] Anyway, let's keep going. 
Soo: I take my pistol and rush over to the guy who got thrown clear. I'll keep a bead on him so he doesn't run.
Ian: Mari says "I need to take a quick break to get some air, I'll catch up." Dane I'll use this time to recharge my fire power slot I used.
Joe: The gleaming mechanical adonis realizes that if aiming a gun to make a point is effective, severing the legs from the torso will be even more so.
Kyle: I thought you didn't take any weapons to handicap us?
Joe: Who said anything about weapons? I have two hands, a possibly unconscious victim and an 8 for a Strength score. I run over and grab the man.
Dane: [GM] I need a hunka hunka burnin' grapple roll Joe, he's not totally out cold.
Dane: [GM] The poor bastard...
Joe: The paragon of plated perfection starts to yank his left leg out of it's socket, only somewhat concerned if he says anything of value as he does.
Dane: [GM] The man starts to scream something in a foreign language.
Joe: What is he saying.
Ian: It's a foreign language, you'd have to know it to understand.
Joe: If our luscious GM would check my character sheet, I speak every language in the core rulebook, the extended core sourcebook, the player's companion and every one that's even been refrenced second-hand in the last 112 issues of The Eldarian.
Dane: [GM] He's right actually. He has all of them it seems. 67 different ones.
Soo: Why the hell do you have 67 different languages?!
Joe: Just because I don't want to be useful doesn't mean I'm going to not use all my build points. Languages are only 2 pts. for each.
Ian: He's like a murderous C-3P0...
Kyle: Thanks Ian, I'll have that in my head from now on.
Joe: I'm versed in over one million forms of torture.
Dane: [GM] The man is speaking Air-cant, the highly obscure language used by airship crewmen consisting of short words and hand signs.
Soo: Gotta wonder how he's conveying much while being de-limbed. Anyhow I ask GR-210 to stop pulling so fast so we can maybe get some information.
Joe: The gleaming titan of science realizes that despite her current air of nobility, beneath Kali's facade is a lowly graduate student who has to borrow lab supplies. Taking pity, he relents.
Soo: I don't have lab supplies Joe, I'm a therapy student.
Joe: Yeah but you left your student ID card in my car months ago, I've been been cashing out your student balance for lab materials since I knew you'd never notice. Can you believe how much gallon jugs of potassium cost?
Kyle: The funny thing about Joe is that, if he ever blew himself up in a freak potassium accident, I'd be to busy smiling to dodge the raining chunks of asshole.