Sunday, September 23, 2012

10- Roll to Understand

Dane: [GM] The airman sucks in some air, desparate to recover from nearly being wrenched apart. He says "Stop! Please stop! I'll talk."
Soo: "You better" I say, holding up my pistol.
Kyle: "This better be good, you scumbag."Dane: [GM] "The scion... he was taken to the mountains. A small town called Colton. There's more to it then just a kidnapping!"
Dane: [GM] Why did you roll Joe?
Joe: Intelligence roll for GR-210. I want to see if he believes the story.
Dane: [GM] Why the hell wouldn't he?
Joe: I know he's telling the truth because I rolled such a good roll to strangle the information out of him. You know he's telling the truth because you're playing him. GR-210 doesn't know if he's telling the truth, so I want to see if his robot brain can process the story.
Ian: There's a line between avoiding metagaming and busting balls Joe.
Dane: [GM] Figuring out a rational way to set a difficulty for this made my head hurt, but yes, he's telling the truth... to you... or something.
Soo: "Well" I say, "Now we know the next logical step in this...
Ian: Dane, is that fire spell slot I was recharging done yet?
Dane: [GM] Enough time has passed to reload a minor slot, so yes.
Ian: Gotcha. I lob a fireball at the downed man. I use the delay-and-explode variant on my character sheet.
Soo: What the fuck?
Soo: Says me and my character.
Dane:[GM] The man's body explodes into ash. The death was instantaneous.
Kyle: Bailey whips around and aims his gun at Mari.
Kyle: "Mari! What the hell was that for?!"
Ian: "If I didn't do it, GR-210 would have done horrific things to him. He was dead already. I just made sure it was fast and clean.
Kyle: "You fucking murdered a wounded man."
Joe: More importantly, you stole my kill.
Dane: [GM] I never really took Ian for being capable of playing a sociopath. He's usually the most 'RP' of us.
Soo: Kali is dusted in the ash of former-person. "I.. agree with her."
Kyle: Bailey twirls his pistol and turns to the noblewoman "Wha?"
Soo: "It was totally the correct thing to do. We know what we have to do. Best not to sit around letting ourselves get mired in the messy necessaries of shady work."
Joe: Ian murders helpless people. Soo grows a pair. It's the fucking upside-down house. 


  1. I really hope you continue this. It's rather funny, and could become something really great.

    I don't understand something, though. Joe is such a jackass. Worse, he's a jackass for a single reason: to be a jackass. Why hasn't he been kicked from the group? His character is just...annoying, and unless he gets a bit more depth soon- I mean, I do like how he checks to make sure his character knows whether its the truth. That's a bit of depth- But I do hope he gets more depth, because right now he's just annoying.

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment (It's the first!) Basically, the thing with Joe is he's based on a person who, believe it or not, is real and actually worse. But yes, I agree with you, looking back at the posts there are, without the context, rather then being an amusing asshole, he's just an asshole. I'll try to improve the perspective a bit.