Friday, January 4, 2013

11- I Like Trains

Dane: [GM] Okay guys, let's get back to work on this. 
Soo: We know that the nobleman has been taken to the town of Colton up in the mountains. I'm going to guess that transportation options aren't privy knowledge?
Dane: [GM] It's not super far, so yes. You could rent or buy another motorcar, I don't think yours is exactly up to it, being in half and all. Alternatively you could ride the train or hire an airship.
Ian: Mari crosses her arms, tapping her foot as she thinks "I'm going to say airships are out of the question." She has a phobia about them. "Also I dislike anything I can plummet to my death out of."
Joe: Phobia(Airships)? Really? Of all the shit you could take a fear of for points, you take a fear of something useful? I have Phobia (Anachronistic Pirate Fights) for shitsake!
Dane: [GM] Just you wait Joe. Just you wait.
Kyle: Bailey nods in agreement. "Personally, I'm thinking a train. Money-wise, makes the most sense. 'sides, Miss Kali's affluence can make it a rather upscale experience."
Joe: The gleaming robotic god exclaims "Negative, Meat-Creature. We will travel by riding on my tireless metallic legs. I shall carry one of you under each arm and drag the third by a rope."
Soo: Kali waves off the robot's suggestion. "I prefer plans that don't involve someone dying from protracted trauma. The train it is. First class all the way."
Ian: "I like trains!"
Joe: "Since the flawed meat-creatures wish to waste money, the train is the most acceptable option. However, I wish to list the following reasons why I am a superior mode of transportation..."
Kyle: When did GR-210 start calling people 'meat-creature'?
Soo: Dane, I buy us a first class car for the whole trip on the next available line out. The funds are money I could wipe with, but I'll take it off my character sheet.
Dane: [GM] After a tasteful montage of travel preparations, the group boards a train for Colton. You rent out a first-class car for yourselves, courtesy of Kali's connections. As per transit safety laws, GR-210 is packed in the storage car.
Ian: Was one of those montage scenes us cleaning up an entire roadblock full of murdered people?
Joe: Who cares! We're being literally railroaded.
Kyle: Bailey spends virtually the entire trip at the bar. I have a feeling I'm going to need enough to coast through the rest of this mission.
Joe: By storage car, do you mean purely baggage, or is there livestock in here?
Dane: [GM] Why is that rel... oh wait. I almost forgot who I was talking to.

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  1. Why is that relevant. Sadly, I've never been able to utter those words while GMing. Honestly, I just can't bring myself to question the absurdity of the things they'll do...