Monday, May 19, 2014

109- The Herpes of People

Dane: [GM] In the interests of fairness, as amused as I am. Let's see a legit roll for this tackle.
Dane: [GM] Kali tackles GR-210, throwing him to the ground and pinning him.
Joe: [OOC] Okay Soo, this has all been cute. Now let's just get back to the game. 
Soo: [OOC] Nope, Kali is going to bash GR into little tiny, child-murdering pieces.
Joe: [OOC] You're adorable when you pretend to be upset. Dane, I'm going to break free.
Dane: [GM] Sorry dude, no good. 
Soo: [Kali dVostog] Kali just begins smashing GR against he ground over and over.
Ian: [OOC] Why is watching someone getting what's coming to them just so satisfying?
Kyle: [OOC] I don't really know Ian, but I think it's why executions have viewing seats.
Joe: [OOC] Will you idiots just shut up and help me?
Ian: [OOC] I kind of feel like Mari would be on Kali's side for this.
Joe: [OOC] WHY?!
Ian: [OOC] Well, if you remember, you forced Kali and Mari to have a pseudo-lesbian thing going on a while ago in exchange for advancing the plot. It only stands to reason, seeing as we agreed to it, that Mari would support Kali over GR.
Kyle: [OOC] Don't look at me. Bailey just thinks the shit is hilarious.
Joe: [OOC] You're all traitorous whores!
Dane: [GM] A successful smash. Joe, one severe wound.
Joe: [OOC] I pass my turn. Ha! 
Ian: [OOC] I don't get it.
Joe: [OOC] By passing my turn, I'm just passively accepting what Kali does. Therefor Kali is now the evil one because she's the only one being aggressive and she'll be forced to stop.
Soo: [OOC] Except GR still just blew up a town and murdered a kid in addition to probably hundreds of other people, for barely any reason.
Joe: [OOC] Yeah, but I'm not doing anything wrong right this second.
Ian: [OOC] I don't think that's how morality works.
Joe: [OOC] It's a flawless logical trap.
Dane: [GM] Kali swings GR up into the air by his spider-legs and smashes him into the ground with massive force, his bronze casing exploding open and shattering everywhere. GR-210 is now dead.
Soo: [Kali dVostog] Kali slumps over onto the road and pants in exhaustion.
Ian: [Mari Shasho] Mari goes over and gives Kali a hug.
Joe: [OOC] ... the fuck...
Soo: [OOC] Be back in a couple of minutes. I need a smoke.
Ian: [OOC] You don't smoke.
Soo: [OOC] I need a smoke.
Kyle: [OOC] Wow Joe. Didn't think it would come to this. I guess we're so used to your behavior that even our characters are a little more numb to it than realistically likely.
Ian: [OOC] Any odds of salvaging GR?
Joe:[OOC] Don't bother. I've got something new in mind. My vengeance will be swift and incalculable. Dane, forward me Soo's character sheet. I'll be back in ten minutes.
Ian: [OOC] I feel like I should warn her.
Dane: [GM] It's cute that you think you can save her now. I know Joe better than any of you. Once Joe is onto you there's nothing you can do but try to mitigate the discomfort. Joe is, quite simply, the herpes of people.

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