Saturday, June 9, 2012

3- How I Killed Your Follower

Dane: [GM] The kidnappers are at their car on the other end of the road. One man in an overcoat walks forward and nods. "Do you have the money?" he asks.
Soo: I reply "Yes, I have the money." while holding up the case. "Where is Mr. Johnson?" 
Ian: We're playing Shadowrun now?
Kyle: We would be, but it's on the list of games Joe has broken.
Dane: [GM] Suddenly, a far larger number of men appear out of various points of cover along the road wearing vests stitched with decorative purple facing. Some of the men sport top hats and bowlers, all trimmed with a similar material. They hold pistols and shotguns.
Soo: It's a trap!
Joe: The magnificent automaton suddenly realizes what's going on. The men, the money, the betrayal. There was only one explanation!
Dane: [GM] The men ready their weapons and the leader informs you that you'll be allowed to leave intact if you politely put the money down and walk away.
Ian: Just walk away... you can put an end to all of this... Just walk away.
Dane: [GM] Gonna kill you Ian.
Soo: I reach into my jacket for my holdout pistol. "Quickly!"
Joe: "We fight this fight and we die Kali'nari. Of course, that's what the REAL ringleader wants, doesn't he?!"
Soo: The whatnow?
Kyle: And we've started...
Joe: "The only man who would truly benefit! The kidnapping is all just a clever ruse to get you out here. He'll claim your vast riches if you die!"
Dane: [GM] Should I even stop him?
Kyle: You say it like it's possible.
Joe: "It was you who set us up, you bastard!" I scream as I turn around and fire off my pneumatic piston punch into Archibald!"
Dane: Joe!
Joe: Hit?
Dane: [GM] Yes, fuck you.
Dane: [GM] Sorry Soo. Joe readies his fist and delivers a punishing pneumatic blow that punches cleanly through the COMPLETELY INNOCENT butler. He falls to the ground dead much to the vast confusion of the men trying to rob you.
Dane: [GM] If... if it's any consolation Soo, he died so quickly, he felt no pain.
Joe: The others should get a -2 penalty for the fear of seeing their ringleader dealt with so deftly.

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