Sunday, June 10, 2012

6- Drive Check!

Ian: "Let's head back to town. We'll sort everything else out there."
Joe: GR210 has no patience for activities that don't result in killing people. 
Soo: "I agree. Let's go get back to town." I stow my pistol and head back to the car. "I'll call the police to the crime scene. Hopefully they can bring Archibald back in for a proper burial.
Ian: Mari nods, taking off one of her numerous sashes and putting it over the dead butler respectfully. She mutters a few prayers.
Joe: A sash ain't gonna do it Ian. Probably better off getting a bag or a bucket.
Soo: Can anyone drive well? He was our driver.
Soo: Kali is a noblewoman, I figure she can pay for a car, she'd probably not be a proficient driver. Kyle, you're the multi-tasker.
Kyle: Bailey cracks his knuckles "What model motorcar is this?"
Soo: "A Santelli Model 23"
Kyle: "Good production run. I can make this kitten purr."
Ian: Mari trots over to the front passenger seat and hops in. "Nice leather seats!"
Ian: Shotgun bitches.
Joe: Keep blending your name and the word 'shotgun' in my mind Ian.
Joe: The spectacular soldered super soldier gets into lumbers in, filling an entire row of seats.
Soo: Kali, finding herself shunted to the rumble seat of her own damn car, settles in.
Kyle: "Let's roll!"
Dane: [GM] The party drives back toward the city, rumbling along the country roads. The driving is about as good as you could hope.
Kyle: "I could have been a good driver if I hadn't chosen the freewheeling life of an adventurer."
Joe: Must be so hard being an anachronistic cliche.
Dane: [GM] Suddenly, you see a large log that's been laid across the road ahead of you. Two men jump up from behind it and begin firing on you with rifles!
Soo: "It must be the rest of the kidnappers!"
Kyle: Is there enough room to get around the log?
Dane: [GM] Close, but it'll be narrow.
Kyle: Okay then, drive check!
Dane: [GM] I didn't know rolls that low were possible dude...
Kyle: The fuck?!
Joe: You really didn't specialize in anything dude?
Kyle: Little bit of everything seemed appropriate for my role!
Joe: What the hell does playing a role have to do with roleplaying?!
Soo: How bad is it Dane?
Dane: [GM] The car veers wildly off the road and smashes into a tree.
Dane: [GM] Okay I did the rolls. Everyone's fine...
Ian: Ah, good.
Dane: [GM] Except you Ian. You took one mark of damage.
Kyle: He typed out the '...' Ian, it was practically a trap.

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