Saturday, June 9, 2012

5- Do What You Know

Ian: Mari runs over to GR210 and says "Wait! We should interrogate him!"
Joe: GR210 hears the noise of the woman's request, yet feels oddly compelled to ignore whiny women played by mop-topped emos. 
Soo: You're nuts Joe.
Kyle: Bailey spins one of his revolves and shoots the ground between them. "Now now folks, no need to get all torn up.
Kyle: We'll interrogate him, THEN Joe can get his kill
Joe: I like this plan. 
Ian: Mari warms up a fireball in her palm, the orange light glowing along the gold thread accents of her clothes. "We'll get as much as we can out of him first!"
Kyle: "Lemme handle it, I've got more than a little experience putting the screws to folks."
Kyle: I got a couple points in Interrogate.
Dane: [GM] You have points in Interrogate?
Kyle: I have a little bit in everything. I walk up to the man pinned under the robot and say "Well now, the noblewoman over there was nice enough to bring the money and my P'Tashi associate was nice enough to give us lighting for this chat. Why don't you tell me what want to know, eh?"
Dane: [GM] Sorry Kyle, he seems very obstinate. He tells you "Go to hell cowboy!"
Joe: Kyle, Kyle, never learn your lesson. Capable at too many things, great at none.
Kyle: Dammit.
Joe: The glorious battle machine raises it's arm and balls up a fist. Steam vents as power wells up in his magnificent robotic fist!
Dane: [GM] You failed even worse than Kyle did Joe. You have 0 points in Interrogate.
Joe: Oh well, passing that would have made this next part more satisfying because it would have pissed off Kyle. I deliver a driving punch to the man's face.
Dane: [GM] *sigh* You punch the man's skull into a paste with a single blow...
Joe: I demand to know A) if any chips of brain and skull fly off and B) if any of those chunks land in Ian's character's mouth.
Dane: [GM] No Joe.
Joe: The point is Kyle, know what you do and do it well. What I do is put holes in people who may or may not deserve it.
Ian: Mari sighs and walks over to the Kali. "Are you okay ma'am?" She gives a polite bow.
Soo: Kali nods and says "I'm fine thank you. It seems we're out of people to talk to. This makes the hunt for Mr. Johnson a dead end."

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