Friday, June 15, 2012

7- Avant Garde Fireballs

Ian: Okay, one mark. Any complications?
Dane: [GM] Nah, just a bunch of random blunt trauma. 
Soo: Kali climbs out of the wreckage, but is too distracted with the bad guys to care about the car. She pulls out her holdout pistol.
Joe: Even though being crushed inside a car is the robot version of the best sex ever, GR210 bursts out of the metal shell "I'll never call you again after this!" he says to the crashed car.
Kyle: Bailey pushes himself off the steering wheel and gets his hat back on. "Dammit, dammit, dammit!" He repeats to himself and pulls out one of his revolvers as he gets out of the car too.
Ian: Mari climbs out of the passanger seat, holding her side and groaning. "That hurt."
Dane: [GM] The goons rifles are aimlessly pinging against the car body and the trees around you. One gets a clear sight of GR210 as he bursts out of the vehicle and takes a shot at him with a hunting rifle
Dane: [GM] The bullet hits GR210, but it does not penetrate his specially treated armored plates.
Joe: I'm just that amazing baby. I flip him off.
Kyle: I take a pot shot at the man who shot at Joe.
Dane: [GM] It's not a skill check, so of course Kyle succeeds for once. A critical hit actually. The shot flying right into the man's head, blowing it open like a watermelon.
Kyle: Like a boss.
Dane: [GM] That leaves three more.
Soo: "Mari, do you want a little help with the incinerating? I don't think I've got the skill and pistol range for this."
Ian: Mari nods "Sure!"                                                                                                                                                                       
Soo: Okay, I'm going to use Channel Psionics to boost Kali's firepower.
Joe: You have psionics?
Soo: Only Channel Psionics. It lets me give up my own casting for rest of the encounter to power up a teammate.
Joe: But you have no oth... oh... 
Joe: Clever, clever.
Dane: [GM] Mari feels a surge of psionic power. It will upscale the magnitude of any casting you do.
Ian: Gotcha. "Let's rain some fire!" she says as she warms up the new-found power and throws it in a fireball toward the men at the log in the road.
Joe: If you light this forest on fire, I'll roll in it till I'm red hot, then violently have my way with every last one of you.
Dane: [GM] The fireball streaks over the heads of the three men, exploding over the one in the middle in a huge burst of fire.
Joe: Fireballs that burst into fire. This is a very avant garde setting.
Dane: [GM] Two of the men are blasting hard into the soil, clearly smashed under the force of the explosion. The last man is thrown clear by the blast, landing in the brush on the side of the road.
Kyle: "Looks like we got one survivor!"
Ian: "After him!"

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