Saturday, June 9, 2012

4- The Gang Arrives

Dane: [GM] I can't believe you Joe.
Dane: [GM] Ian, Kyle, you're characters jump in on this scene.
Soo: Archibald... I had such plans for you.
Kyle: A gunshot cracks through the air as a dashing man in a duster jumps down from one of the trees. He casts aside his bowler hat and spins his pair of revolvers. "That's just about enough, boys!" he says.
Soo: A heroic adventurer!
Joe: Someone with the potential to steal my kills!
Ian: A character who isn't mine.
Joe: Shut up Ian.
Ian: Wanted to be part of the moment.
Soo: I call out to the man and ask "Are you here to help us?"
Kyle: I nod my head. "A lady in distress? A bunch of murderous thugs? This is my kind of party! Bailey Hunt, freelance adventurer at your service."
Ian: Mere seconds later, a fireball streaks across the scene, lighting all the combatants briefly. A woman in brightly colored orange clothes jumps out from behind a bush. "I hope you weren't going to leave me out of this Bailey!" she calls out. "Mari Shasho, finest pyromancer in the Southern provinces is on the scene!"
Soo: That's you?
Joe: Ian likes to play chicks.
Ian: Don't embarass me.
Soo: Nothing wrong with experimenting.
Kyle: Don't mind Joe, Ian.
Dane: [GM] We can discuss gender exploration later. Plot now.
Soo: I've drawn my pistol and aim it at the ringleader... WHO IS NOT MY BUTLER. "Looks like the odds just got a little more balanced."
Dane: [GM] The gang leader seems unbalanced by the sudden change of fortunes. He starts to run! The men around him begin to fire blindly to cover their retreats into the woods.
Joe: My XP is escaping!
Kyle: This game doesn't even use a per-kill XP system.
Joe: No mercy! I use my piston-launch leg mechanisms to launch myself at Archibald's fleeing accomplice!
Dane: [GM] You fling forward, flying down on the ringleader and smashing him onto him with your full weight.
Joe: Is he dead?
Dane: No, but he's crippled.
Joe: I'm going to enjoy this...
Kyle: Giving Joe a crippled, but alive, enemy is like giving him a pinata.

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