Friday, March 28, 2014

89- The Un-Post

I regret to inform all of the maybe 3 readers of this that there will be no post for today, 3/28/14. I write this... whatever it is, as a free-writing experiment and thus do my best to make each post on the spot. However last evening my pet cat of 18 years passed away and while I hate drag my personal issues into play, I'm just not feeling very funny today. After attempting and deleting several possible posts, I've just decided it's best to let myself mope until Monday's page.

Joe: [OOC] So wait. He can't do a post because he's too sad to be funny? Whose been dying for the other 88 posts? I hope it at least gets some mileage out of each one.
Dane: [GM] Joe, stop antagonizing the author.
Joe: [OOC] What? It's not like he can read this.
James: [Author] Yes I can.
Joe: [OOC] And here I thought I had found the reason for all the typos.
James: [Author] I just don't talk a lot because I feel like fourth-wall humor doesn't really have a place in the project.
Soo: [OOC] But this is a nerd project. Nerds love fourth-wall humor.
James: [Author] Yeah, but when you already have the group dynamic of the players working against Dane, adding in the traditional 'uncooperative characters/exasperated author/director' joke would just seem like a pointless extra layer. Besides, I can do my job just fine without being present in the body of the work.
Joe: [OOC] If this listless narrative is what you consider 'fine'.
James: [Author] For example...
Joe: [OOC] Soo, I've left my wife. Now we can finally be together.
Soo: [OOC] WHAT?!
Joe: [OOC] I didn't say that!
James: [Author] Yes you did. Now dance puppets! Dance!
Ian: [OOC] Oh yes, this is all seeming like a great page of 'mourning'.
Kyle: [OOC] I hope this is one of those fourth-wall breaches that we all just sort of ignore on the next post.

In Memory of Darth Vader the Cat
Because a cat that slept on the keyboard for half these posts would have wanted 
an amusing memorial.


  1. sorry about your cat, bro, i know how you feel. My 15 year old dog died a week and a half ago. Rest in Peace Darth Vader the cat. Maybe he is partying and doing nerdy things somewhere with Steve.

  2. This is pretty funny even though it's sad. Well done, and sorry for your loss regardless of my being about four years late to the party.