Friday, June 6, 2014

116- Ridiculous Like a Fox

Dane: [GM] You all begin your hike into the island's interior in the morning. The sky is open and clear and there isn't much in your way besides the rocky terrain of the interior.
Joe: [OOC] Let's go see where they filmed Lord of the Rings on the way.
Dane: [OOC] Like New Zealand does not mean IS New Zealand.
Joe: [OOC] Just show me the set for Helm's Deep and I'm fine.
Soo: [Kali dVostog] Kali walks along casually, looking around at the scenery.
Ian: [Mari Shasho] Mari seems to be a bit lost in thought as well.
Joe: [Lord Beefstorm] Beefstorm is flexing for no particular reason while talking with Techie. He's busy pumping her full of lies for the heck of it.
Kyle: [Bailey Hunt] Bailey seems hyper vigilant and keeps putting his hand on his weapon.
Soo: [Kali dVostog] "You seem sort of agitated Bailey."
Kyle: [Bailey Hunt] "Ain't nothin' but some nerves. We ain't got a good history of walkin' to places."
Soo: [Kali dVostog] Kali tilts her head.
Ian: [Mari Shasho] "I think Bailey means that every time we travel some place, something seems to go sour. Usually we seem to get shot at."
Dane: [GM] The slope of the ground is gradually becoming notable and you're starting to realize you very much are on the edge of an ancient dead volcano. There's a substantial cleft in the mountain up ahead.
Joe: [Lord Beefstorm] "So shall we start our search over there?"
Soo: [Kali dVostog] "I suppose it's as fit a place as any other."
Joe: [Lord Beefstorm] Beefstorm strolls towards the break in the ridge. "Incidentally, geologists call this sort of formation a 'mountain ass-crack'.
Ian: [OOC] I'm not even going to roll to disbelieve that. I just want to get to work.
Dane: [GM] As the group walks the steep walls the cut in the mountain feature begin to cast long, dark shadows. The air here is colder than the rest of the mountain and at the far end of the fissure, about two miles away, you can see what looks like a man-made structure.
Joe: [OOC] Spiff it IS Helm's Deep
Kyle: [Bailey Hunt] Bailey begins to move lower to the ground, his pistol out now. He keeps ducking for cover among the rocks.
Soo: [Kali dVostog] "Bailey, I swear you're being ridiculous."
Dane: [GM] Just then the report of a rifle firing off echos through the canyon. A bullet explodes a rock adjacent to the group into a shatter of stone.
Joe: [OOC] Okay, game plan. We just need to figure out how to make the sniper hear Beefstorm's voice and I can just tell him that he's horribly depressed and suicidal.
Soo: [OOC] We cannot solve every problem with mind-control-level deception.
Joe: [OOC] YES. WE. CAN.

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