Saturday, July 19, 2014

130- Unbitcin'

Kyle: [OOC] Time to hustle this roll.
Dane: [GM] By all means good sir.
Dane: [GM] Good to go.
Kyle: [Bailey Hunt] Bailey scampers up on to the platform and looks at the monster and Danielle. "Yeah, this is due to get unusual..."
Joe: [Lord Beefstorm] Beefstorm begins to run away from the monster. "You could say that Bailey, you could say that!"
Dane: [Techie] Techie chases after Beefstorm. "Wait for me dammit!"
Dane: [GM] Okay I roll some quickie initiatives. Soo, Ian, Joe, Techie, Danielle, Bailey, Lava Yeti.
Soo: [Kali dVostog] Kali pulls out her revolver and tries to snap off a shot at Danielle.
Dane: [GM] The shot is very much off. Considering she's a distant target on top of a moving monster that seemed like a sure thing anyhow.
Ian: [OOC] Good point. Monster is the easier initial target I guess.
Joe: [OOC] Maybe this is one of those Final Fantasy type set-ups where we have to hit the monster and then we can target Danielle because she's blinking.
Dane: [GM] Danielle fires of a shot in the air from a shotgun she's wielding. "I know what you did! You're all going to die! Especially you KALI!"
Soo: [OOC] How does one 'especially' die?
Ian: [Mari Shasho] Mari wads up a fireball and flings it at the lava yeti.
Dane: [GM] A direct hit!
Ian: [OOC] Bitchin'!
Dane: [GM] Which does jack-all because you threw a FIREBALL at a LAVA monster.
Ian: [OOC] When you say it like that, it seems vastly less bitchin'.
Joe: [Lord Beefstorm] Beefstorm keeps running like hell around the outer walkway, trying to get to stone-slab bridging the gap. "So this is a friend of yours I take it?"
Kyle: [Bailey Hunt] "Ya could say that, yes."
Dane: [Techie] Techie just keeps running behind Beefstorm. "I really wouldn't like to see the enemies you people make."
Dane: [Danielle, in good health] Danielle pumps her shotgun and fires off a shot at the nearest person, Techie!"
Dane: [GM] The shot isn't quite dead-on but some buckshot clips Techie's leg and she flops down in pain. The massive lava monster and its rider loom over the wounded technician!
Soo: [OOC] One of your former NPCs is about to kill your current NPC. Any thoughts Joe?
Joe: [OOC] I can't believe it.
Soo: [OOC] Well you did kind of lay the groundwork for this kind of thing with Danielle being so unstable.
Joe: [OOC] No, I mean I can't believe that she didn't get a kill there. I statted that girl better than this sort of thing! I specifically built Danielle to be able to kill anyone else in our party, current or future. It must be the shotgun. I focused her too deeply in sniping to blow your brains all out.
Kyle: [OOC] Whoa slow up there, save some human decency for the rest of us.

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