Monday, July 28, 2014

134- Craft (Eulogy)

Ian: [Mari Shasho] Mari looks down into the lava. "Should we, like, say some words or something?"
Joe: [OOC] Let Beefstorm do it. He has points in Craft (Eulogy).
Soo: [OOC] I doubt that.
Dane: [GM] Actually he does. It's troubling that he does, but indeed does.
Kyle: [Bailey Hunt] Bailey takes his hat off and holds it to his chest. "Let's all remember Danielle. She died as she lived: misguided and murder-crazy."
Ian: [OOC] I would have said "She died as she lived: listening to Joe" but that would be OOC.
Soo: [Kali dVostog] Kali pours a little of her pocket-flask into the lava.
Ian: [OOC] Huh?
Soo: [OOC] Do noblewomen in steam-punk 1910's settings have an equivalent of "one for my homies"?
Ian: [OOC] Seems only natural that they would.
Joe: [Lord Beefstorm] "Well, now that I've talked a person into suicide, I'm feeling down-right spent. Someone grab that thingy and let's get out of here. Alternatively, make me an omelette."
Kyle: [Bailey Hunt] Bailey puts his hat back on and looks around. "Welp, time tah finish this job an' move on."
Ian: [Mari Shasho] "Oh yeah! Shiny thing!"
Ian: [OOC] The best adventurers always have at least moderate attention-span issues.
Kyle: [OOC] Okay, everyone line up on the far side of the walkway by the door. Kali will grab it and teleport across to us.
Soo: [Kali dVostog] Kali picks up the focusing crystal. "Okay, let's go."
Kyle: [OOC] SOO!
Soo: [OOC] Wah?
Dane: [GM] As Kali grabs the crystal there is a brief pause, the air still. Suddenly the whole structure begins to shake! Stones and debris begin to rain from the ceiling! The lava below begins to rise!
Kyle: [OOC] NEVER grab a magical item at the bottom of a temple without everyone in place for a hasty escape!
Soo: [OOC] I didn't know that!
Ian: [OOC] It's called the Indiana Jones Law: all final prizes in temples are trapped. Always.
Soo: [OOC] I'm going to die, aren't I?
Dane: [GM] Rolls! All of you. I need to see who is getting hit with rocks as they flee the room.
Joe: [OOC] Lava, rocks and moving very fast. This is like that jetbike bit in Battletoads.
Ian: [OOC] I played Battletoads with you. You're terrible at that part.  
Joe: [OOC] Yeah but Lord Beefstorm has points in Play (Battletoads).
Dane: [GM] No he doesn't. Shut up and roll.

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