Monday, December 23, 2013

50- I Commend My d20

Soo: [Kali dVostog] Kali slaps herself in the face so hard, it might warrant an attack roll. "Why exactly do I work with you?"
Dane: [GM] Felicity Johnson gasps and covers her mouth with her hand. She's clearly shocked, but GR-210's incredibly, INCREDIBLY crass delivery seems to have stunned her into a sort of lull. After a moment she calms down. "I... I suspected this. Do you know how he died? Please tell me."
Kyle: [Bailey Hunt] Bailey tips his hat sort of respectfully. "It appears he was in league with some sort of expedition going off to the mountains near Colton, a mining town out in the provinces. They found some kind of ancient temple. He seemed to have been shot. We don't know if he was betrayed, or if he betrayed them."
Ian: [OOC] I appreciate that you forgot your accent that time.
Kyle: [OOC] How do you notice that before me?
Joe: [OOC] To be fair, that would have been an unreadable mess with a text-based southern drawl.
Dane: [GM] Back, had to make some rolls. As Felicity puts her hand up, Mari notices something shiny on her wrist.
Joe: [OOC] LOOT.
Soo: [OOC] *Gets a spray bottle full of water* I'll spritz you!
Joe: [OOC] HISS!
Soo: [OOC] Back! Back little troll!
Ian: [OOC] To be fair, it's not loot if the person is alive. Then it's just stealing.
Joe: [OOC] Good point. Kyle get your gun out, Ian hold her down.
Soo: [OOC] BACK! *spritz*
Ian: [Mari Sasho] Mari looks at the shiny thing, but tries not to look obvious about it.
Dane: [GM] The shiny object is a silver bracelet on a fine chain around her wrist. Much more significantly, it has a charm on it that looks exactly like that pendant Kali found on the shop owner you guys shot back in Colton.
Kyle: [OOC] To be fair, 'shot' makes it sound like murder. It was more 'slaying' because he was evil.
Soo: [OOC] I didn't think we established he was evil, just that he wanted to kill us for unspecified reasons.
Ian: [OOC] We're the protagonists. Anything that opposes us is inherently evil because the world revolves around us. We're good because we establish the definition of good.
Soo: [OOC] I think you're confusing narrative focus with morality.
Ian: [Mari Shasho] Mari elbows Kali and shows her the bracelet with a point of her finger.
Soo: [Kali dVostog] Kali looks over and notices it. "Miss, I know this may seem oddly unrelated but I assure you it is: is there any significance to that bracelet you're wearing?"
Dane: [GM] Felicity sniffles. "It was a gift from my husband before he left. He said it was a northlander good luck charm. He had taken the hobby of researching ancient cultures. Why do you ask?"
Soo: [Kali dVostog] "Oh well we found several charms like it while up in Colton. If it's a common thing in the northern provinces then I suppose it wasn't much of a lead."
Soo: [OOC] To lie to her.
Kyle: [OOC] Why exactly are we lying to her?
Soo: [OOC] I doubt this would have come up if it wasn't part of the plot. Specifically, Dane wouldn't have made secret rolls to see if we noticed it if it wasn't relevant. Now honesty is nice and all, but I figure until we know more about this lady and her part in all of this, we ought to keep our cards close to the vest, you know?
Dane: [GM] Dammit, you too Soo?
Ian: [OOC] Wow, try saying that three-times fast.
Soo: [OOC] What do you mean Dane?
Dane: [GM] Trying to metagame based on my actions. I thought you were the only one pure enough. Innocent enough.
Soo: [OOC] Isn't that how you play tabletop games though? It's all about reading and predicting the GM isn't it?
Dane: [GM] *sigh* 
Joe: [OOC] Isn't it cute guys? We managed to actually corrupt a new player's entire concept of gaming! I'm so proud of us.
Ian: [OOC] Well now I just feel dirty.
Kyle: [OOC] Yeah, but Joe being proud is kind of like if Hitler walked by and said "nice hat". It's not really related to anything, but you'd probably be overwhelmed with a sense of wrongness.
Soo: [OOC] Ian? Can you come over and we can go work at a soup kitchen for a couple days or something? I feel inherently evil and need to balance it out.
Ian: [OOC] Holy men used to go out and do penance to purify themselves by fasting and meditating in the desert. I'm not quite sure what the nerd equivalent would be.
Soo: [OOC] Discussing prime-time television and professional sports?
Kyle: [OOC] I don't know Soo, I feel like that's a stereotype.
Soo: [OOC] And it won't be hockey, Kyle.

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