Friday, January 17, 2014

60- 10-foot Pole Dancer

Dane: [GM] Since you guys are all getting adventur-ections, should I just initiate the GFOI Protocol?
Soo: [OOC] I can guess what half those letters stand for, I think.
Dane: [GM] The sacred Get the Fuck On with It Protocol is how the group agrees to just skip everything not directly related to a dungeon crawl so they can get right to it. Basically I just ask if anyone wants to buy anything, then fast-forward to the first actual danger of the expedition.
Soo: [OOC] But doesn't that kind of strangle out character development and such?
Joe: [OOC] YES! YES IT DOES! It's wonderful. Nothing but dice rolling and combat! Not even a plot point in sight! Oh wacky gods of old, I feel like I've been holding my breath for sessions now!
Ian: [OOC] I think what Joe is trying to say, albeit in a very Joe-like fashion, is that sometimes it's liberating to just run rampant through an area free of consequences grabbing free things and playing with the combat mechanics.
Kyle: [OOC] Also, there's less NPCs for us to accidentally kill.
Soo: [OOC] I've actually been thinking about that. I don't think we really accidentally kill all that many NPCs. You shot that camping store owner because he attacked us. Danielle shot Felicity Johnson because she attacked us. Mari blew up a bar and a housing block but since those were logical events of throwing fireballs around, it's really less manslaughter and more reckless homicide.
Ian: [OOC] *Runs over, slings an arm around Soo and waves his other hand into the distance* Soon we'll be in a magical segment of the game where such concepts are alien things. An enchanted land where everything is inherently evil because it isn't us.
Joe: [OOC] Kind of like a backwoods parish in the American south.
Kyle: [OOC] Also, I keep saying "accidental" because it's easier than trying to figure out if we're the good guys.
Dane: [GM] So anyhow, it's equipment time. Whose buying what? Given Kali's affluence, it'll only be relevant to handle prices unless you buy something expensive.
Joe: [OOC] The standard Joesploration kit, if you will. 
Dane: [GM] Okay then, a kit of the following: one large backpack, five burlap sacks, five torches, 200 feet of rope, a hunting dagger and a ten foot wooden pole.
Joe: [OOC] GR-210 can't use a backpack or carry much of anything but Danielle can.
Kyle: [OOC] Do we really have to be in an enclosed space with Danielle too... can't she just guard the house or something?
Ian: [OOC] I always felt like a ten foot long pole should really be more awkward than just it's weight. I mean, it seems unwieldy to carry around.
Joe: [OOC] The 10-foot pole is a sacred tradition of dungeon crawling. You can't have a dungeon crawl without one. It'd be like having a stripper without daddy issues... who can, incidentally, dance around the 10-foot pole.
Kyle: [OOC] There's actually an 11-foot pole in the expanded equipment guide. I think it's just there as a joke.
Joe: [OOC] ELEVEN feet? Why don't we just pack sensibly and start respecting Ian while we're busy crushing all of our cherished traditions!
Ian: [OOC] A backpack, fifty feet of rope, a lantern (2 pints of fuel), trail rations and a sleeping bag for me Dane. Oh and two boxes of ammo for my shotgun.
Soo: [OOC] I'll just cop out and get what Ian is getting but replace the shotgun ammo with pistol rounds.
Kyle: [OOC] Me too, but four packs of revolver ammo for my two favorite ladies.
Ian: [OOC] Why do you carry two pistols anyhow? You never use them both it seems.
Kyle: [OOC] I don't know, it just seemed pulp-adventurer appropriate.
Joe: [OOC] Ever try the left one? Like a whole different person.
Soo: [OOC] There's a wooden crate in the containers section of the chapter. Can I buy one to put GR-210 in for the entire campaign?

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